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La rencontre avec le public:

1 à 4 formules : Danseurs de tango et échassiers 

se retrouvent pour animer l'espace public dans le cadre d'une déanbulation ou d'un spectacle fixe en feu







Avec : Valérie Guyot & Grégory Bonnault, Willem Meul, Ximena Zalazar Firpo, Anne Donard.


danse nature.jpg

CREATION 2022-23

4 short choreographic piecestitled l'appart 

"The apartment"

Or small choreographic forms










The apartment refers to 4 dance spaces,

the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom in which the 2 protagonists meet.

The idea of constant and repetitive circulation in an apartment without being able to get out of it brings bodies into states of tension or when everything is going to the worst   the imagination can appropriate reality and rebuild a universe.



















With:  Valérie Guyot & Grégory Bonnault and ...

Looking at theater and movement  :: WIillem Meul, Daniel Ratte
Residence history:
First work session in residence:

May 2021 at the Artdam in Dijon 
September to June  2022.23: Cartonnerie de Mesnay (spread over 3 periods/6.8 weeks)


It bathes for you

 The tango of the 70s, with a special nod to the years ofdictatorship

under General Videla. Rhinestones and shiny under  tcruel oil of tango

Staging: Laurent Giroud with: Valerie Guyot, Daniel Ratte,
Gregory Bonnault, Thomas Reyes.

Management: Benoit Faveroux, Samuel Guet, 

Set in motion: Félicette Chazerand, (movement), Fédérico Moreno(tango)



The meeting of two bodies is the discovery of another skin, another surface.

Approach it, look at it, smell it, breathe it, wrap it, touch it, welcome it… take on your skin that you carry with you in a dance.

A man and a woman, skin to skin, bone to bone, fluid to fluid in the particular setting of a swimming pool.

Jump into the water, with the other to be in the other.

This surface of skin, this fine zone, which is the limit of the other, is also a common border between two moving bodies in contact with each other. 

Fabric, skin, water, ground and wall, so many surfaces that the bodies explore in an intimate, rough or cold touch. 

Crossing this border between skin and water together in a big bath while tang water….

With :

Valerie Guyot & Gregory Bonnault

Daniel Ratte, Félicette Chazerant External perspectives
Fédérico Moreno: Choreographic gaze

Find the history of the Cie Toque de tangohere

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