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Cheerful:A collection "the little fingers of Arbois"

A collection of skirts, dresses and pants, made by Valérie and her mother Josiane.

Jovialis a homemade and Arboisisenne brand.

Not a skirt is alike, all the pieces are unique and personalized according to the desires of ribbons, crocheted flowers and other ideas.

- It's a summer collection and a winter collection.

- It's 100% handmade... it's 100% local!

- It is to be found on the milongas and the tango toque festival.

- It's prices from 40€ to 75€ max !!!

A skirt model offers three versions: Bow in front, on the side or on the back... it's 3 outfits in one!!!

Thanks to Sa-cha who pauses here :))

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